Corporate Sickness

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Corporate Sickness, Reconstruction, Bankruptcy and Insolvency
The legal, commercial and financial aspects ofthe rehabilitation ofsick Companies and their winding up, if rehabilitation is not feasible, has become a job of a high I yspecialised nature especially the steps ,and measures required to be taken by the various agencies involved in the rehabilitation like the Promoters, Financial Institutions and Banks, Central and State Government and other Statutory Authoritiesand Labour etc. As such, an assignment involved in formulating Revival Strategies becomes challenging. D & D is fully focused to handle such assignments and the Firm is a pioneer and leader in this area In the country. With the experience and expertise deve/oped inhandling legal and commercial matter relating to industrial sickness, the Firm is fully prepared to take on the challenges that are likely to arise from the proposed changes in Corporate Insolvency Laws, keeping in view the UNICTRAL model and reports of various committees nominated by the Government of India forelooking into this issue.

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