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Intellectual Property Rights

lntellectual Property (IP) is a crucia/ business asset in most business sectors. All businesses use or generate IP rights. It is vital to protect and deal with this IP so thatit can be exploited to its full potential. D & D has substantial experience and competency relating to various laws pertaining to IP viz; Patent, Trade Marks, Copyrights, Designs etc. India became a member of the Pari~ Convention and thePatent Corporation Treaty (PCT) effective December 7, 1998. Further, Patents Act,1970 was amended in March, 1999 for revalidation of all Black Box applications received by the Indian Patent office, limiting it for patents to flmedicine or drug" and provision for exclusive marketing rights (EMRS) for some products subject to fulfillment of certain conditions. Other changes and amendments are in the offing.
With the rules of business game having undergone a sea change and the influx of multinationals in India, due diligence in IP related areas has gained significance more specifically incases of Mergers, Takeovers and Acquisitions.
Our role does not end here. While handling M&A proposais, we provide due diligence ensuring that the Intendor has the right to all the intellectual property necessary to that business and the seiler retalns any such rights as are appropriate.
We are also w0rking in new areas like digital convergence.

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