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Foreign Investment

Cross Border Activities

The announcement of the liberalised industrial policy by the Govt. of India on 24.07.1991 permitting 100% foreign investment in many industries and the "second phase of economic reform" have opened the doors for higher foreign investmentand the integration of the Indian economy with the Global economy. This hasresulted in execution of many Memoranda of Understanding; Joint Venture Agreements, Foreign Collaboration Agreements, Mergers & Aquisitions, International and Domestic Arbitrations and litigations for resolving disputes, all ofwhich require a specialised knowledge and efficacious service. At D & D, we noton I y advise clients on the commercial, economic and legal aspects of transnational transactions but also drafting/executing of documentation and financial structuring. We also represent our clients in Arbitration proceedings and other Courts of Law for resolving Legal or Commercial disputes.

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